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Conversations on Regenerative Agriculture

There were two conversations in this series of interviews conducted by Lizzie Rivera for the Patagonia Regenerative Organic Agriclture initiative I found very interesting and that had particular clarity;

John Chester, Apricot Lane Farms, US at minute 1:45 explains with great clarity how he got the flywheel of regenerative agriculture going on his newly purchased farm that was highly degraded because of extractive agriculture.

Norbert Niederkofler, at 1:07:00 Executive Chef at St. Hubertus Restaurant *** Michelin, by Hotel Rosa Alpina explains very well how his work as a chef in a three-star Michelin restaurant integrated with his surrounding environment. The Italians have a love for the concept of “km 0” or local produce and he takes this a little further with the “cook the mountain” concept and speaks of all the challenges this implies.

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