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Better Land Management

Working with land managers and land owners, applying holistic decision-making, regenerating soils, changing company cultures and monitoring outcomes.

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Service areas

Base maps

Providing a good understanding of the dimensions of operations and the relationship between it's elements.

Holistic Management Consulting

Consult us on managing your farm with the Holistic Management Framework and Regenerative Agriculture

BioStat subscription

Follow the biomass activity of your property and how vegetation is responding to grazing pressure and rest periods.

Vegetation mapping

Find out the composition of your paddocks and plan future temporal of permanent subdivisions in an informed way.

Time series analysis

Understanding the information available and registered for the last 20 years allows risk control and prospecting land before purchases or leasing.

Drone imagery

Detailed and timely aerial images are highly valuable tools in management of orchards, vineyards and crops.

Holistic approach

Our experience working on the land with real management situations allows us to understand very well what is important for your operation and for your decision-making process. We are happy to tailor our solutions to satisfy your needs.

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What clients say

On BioStat images
"These are all super interesting. It’s going to be good to piece them together over the course of a year and look back and see how recovery rates evolved as the seasons progressed. I’m finding they give me a good way to monitor how our grazing plans are being executed"
Jim Howell
Grasslands LLC CEO
On HM consultancy
Simon is a real professional and at the same time a flexible and comprehensive consultant.

We planned together the regeneration of our soils and pastures and through this achieved not only short term results but also settled on longer term goals that are still followed carefully by him.

He brought huge and small changes that helped to achieve more efficiency basically on every aspect of our production.

He sees what many can’t see and understands what can be done without dreaming too much!

Definitely a positive and fruitful consultancy.
Federico Mattarelli
Podere Il Casale
Hectares Mapped
years of experience

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Holistic Management

What is Holistic Management

Holistic Management gives us the power to regenerate grasslands from an ecological, economic, and social perspective. While regenerating Earth’s desertifying global grasslands is our mission

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