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Italy now has a Savory Hub Candidate!


By: Leonardo di Curtis


In recent weeks, after about a year of hard labour, Gestione Olistica Italia ETS has finally come to life, and has become the candidate to become the Italian Savory Hub. Born thanks to the commitment and hard work of a small group of tenacious volunteers, this organization aims to introduce in Italy the concepts developed by Allan Savory, pioneer in the fight against desertification, environmental degradation and the social decline of agricultural communities.


The Savory Institute, of which the regional hubs are local “branches”, offers the possibility to forward-thinking farmers and ranchers to acquire the necessary skills to improve the profitability of their companies, moving from an “extractive” to a “regenerative” management model which allows to maintain or improve the level of economic profitability in parallel with long-term environmental sustainability of the company.


Allan Savory’s revolutionary idea is to use domesticated cattle and other animals as catalysts for the biological and physical processes underlying the natural fertility of soils, in particular where the environmental and climatic conditions, as well as the conventional “extractive”  agricultural model, make the danger of desertification concrete, as in many areas of Italy.

There is still a lot of work to do, such as translating the huge amount of textbooks and other material into Italian, organizing the first courses, raising funds and find new members who can contribute more or less actively to the achievement of the various objectives.

However, a very important first step has been taken with the creation of the association, which has already been accepted as a Hub Candidate and is operating at a sustained rate to materialize all the set goals.

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